Terms of Service
Firework Social - Google AdWords Management Agreement & Terms

In order to participate in the Google AdWords Management Program, I agree to pay for a minimum of three (3) to six (6) months of service (depending on the plan), billed monthly to the credit card I will provide to Firework Social.  
After the three (3) to six (6) months of service, the term becomes month to month and can be canceled thereafter with a written 30-day notice. If written cancellation is received in less than 30 days from the billing date, I understand there will be a $200.00 early cancellation fee charged to my credit card. 

I authorize Firework Social to charge my credit card the agreed upon monthly amount (depending on the plan) each month for management of Google AdWords and $495.00 initially to cover the set-up of the new account. I understand that these fees are in addition to my defined Google AdWords Advertising Budget. I understand that Firework Social has recommended a  minimum Google Ad budget of $700.00 per month. Firework Social will be creating a new separate Google Ad Account using the credit card provided and I will be charged directly by Google for my defined monthly budget amount. 

Account Access
I will have Google Analytics account access to view my AdWords Statistics. I agree and understand that I will NOT have direct access to the Google Ad Account Firework Social LLC will be creating. I authorize Firework Social to promote my website page on Google and Google Ad Display Network. 

Account Ownership Options
1. Option 1: Default Account Lease Option: $495 Set Up Fee 
I understand if and when I cancel service that this leased Google AdWords account is not accessible. Firework Social is the AdWords Account Owner. 

2. Option 2: Full Ownership Buy Out Option: $5000
If I want to assume account ownership and receive full access after canceling management services I understand I have the option to pay the remaining $4500 less the $500 set up fee I originally paid upon sign up to take this new AdWords Account with me along with all the data.  

I understand that I will be able to access reports through Google Analytics. I will also receive monthly reports showing my Google Ad account performance. 

Firework Social reserves the right to terminate this Agreement for any breach of the provisions in these Terms of Service, as determined by Firework Social in its sole discretion. Firework Social shall have no obligation to refund any of Member's fees due to Firework Social’s early termination of this Agreement for services rendered months unless otherwise specified. I agree with all Firework Social, LLCs’ Terms of Service regarding Google AdWords Advertising Program.

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